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Because I have produced more than a few bad posts, I have collected below the better posts I have made, i.e., the ones that exemplify my goals for this blog outlined here. I cannot say what I’ve published since I wrote that post has always lived up to the goals set out therein, but I am progressing. In addition to the collection of links, I have included some Retractationes-style comments.

Medieval Causality in Modern Chemistry – I am extremely proud of the synthesis I make in this post of medieval philosophy and what I found when studying the foundations of chemical equilibrium.
Form, Beauty, Evil – This is a bit amateurish, but the examples I give provide a good argument for the existence of form and why evil is a privation.
Ends of Language – A good post on the “prescription vs. description” debate in linguistics and the ends of language.
Jaki, Duhem, River Forest Thomists – Clears up Duhem’s view of science against the notion that he is simply an anti-realist.

Was St. Augustine a Fundamentalist? – An argument that it requires a bad misreading of Augustine to characterize him as a fundamentalist, as some had claimed.
The Mystery of the Holy Trinity – A post exploring the charge that the doctrine of the Trinity is incoherent and defending the use of analogies against this charge.
Disputed Question: Whether Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God? – I regret the excessive focus in this post on trying to define God’s essence, but the conclusion is right and, in my opinion, can be established on the basis of patristic authority alone.
Review of the Fathers on Christ’s Knowledge – A very useful table summarizing the beliefs of different Fathers on whether Christ had any ignorance in his humanity.

Una Sancta
Ecumenism and the Saints – All the posts here require the warning that I do not know Greek, so I have very little authority in these matters. That said, I think I should have been more even firm with this post’s contention that there have been saints who participated in ecumenism (at least in Florovsky’s sense) – a prime example being Photius’s dealings with the Armenians, or Nikolaj Velimirović accompanying Florovsky to the 1954 WCC meeting in Evanston.
Orthodox Fundamentalism? – My knowledge of the realities is far from comprehensive, as I cannot read sources from the Eastern European Orthodox churches in their original languages, but I still think this post makes a valid point about “Orthodox fundamentalism”.

In Search of a Quote’s Origin – A review of the discoveries I made when I went on the adventure of trying to find the origin of the quote, “teleology is a lady without whom no biologist can live, yet he is ashamed to show himself with her in public.”
Finding the Shortest Path between The Parkings Lots in a Park with Graph Theory – I love the application of mathematics to a real-life problem.