• A Time article on the link between smartphone use and adolescent depression. The article shows that researchers have not reached consensus on the nature of the link. One thing seems clear from my own experience: new technologies end up distracting us from each other and from nature, and ultimately from our own self.
  • Patriarch Ilia has caused a baby-boom in Georgia by promising to baptize and sponsor the third (or higher) child of married couples.
  • A Guardian article detailing the work of Jan Banning, who photographs communist parties around the world. Outside of the one in Kerala, India, they are pretty weak, but, Banning says, their motives are perhaps not without reason: “We drove some 5,000km in western Russia, saw quite a lot of these villages and small towns. It’s a disaster. You can clearly see the effects of neo-liberalism – public space has been dismantled, the roads are a mess, there are few shops left, the people are on their own.”
  • I went searching on Google to see how common it was for Christian mothers who have lost their children to take comfort in the pieta. I ended up coming across this remarkable article by Michele Chronister about how miscarriage grief is like (and unlike) other forms of loss of children.
  • David Bentley Hart has recently released new articles: ‘Human Dignity Was a Rarity Before Christianity’ at Notre Dame’s Church Life Journal, ‘Are Christians Supposed to Be Communists?’ at the New York Times, and ‘The Illusionist’, a review of Daniel Dennett’s new book on mind at The New Atlantis.