Links (and a Note on the Jerome Biblical Commentary)

  • I have recently come across the project ‘Science & Orthodoxy around the World’. Looks promising! An article from their blog: ‘Theory of Evolution: The Apple of Discord in the Serbian Educational System‘. The conclusion is interesting: “What is intriguing about such petitions seeking to mollify Darwinist theory, they never originate from Serbian Orthodox Church, but academic circles.”
  • Deborah Cohen discusses the origins of consumerism in a NYRB review of Frank Trentmann’s book Empire of Things.
  • A cemetery in Russia dedicated to the burial of the remains of 75,000 German WWII soldiers: “Every soldier has a right to a grave.”
  • A study of the brains/skulls of geniuses found that Descartes’s brain apparently had an unusual bulge in his frontal cortex. Too bad they were unable to investigate what every Cartesian knows really matters, the size of his pineal gland.
  • I’ve been told by someone working on the project that a fully updated volume of the New Jerome Biblical Commentary is currently in production, which will be to the current NJBC what the NJBC was to the JBC. Very exciting news!

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