• This past week featured World Down Syndrome Day (to represent trisomy 21, it fittingly falls on 3/21). At Down Syndrome Uprising, I’ve found an old but cool article about pre-modern depictions of Down Syndrome in art.
  • Over at his blog Eastern Christian Books, Adam DeVille criticizes Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option. I love the quote near the end from Schmemann about how to live a monastic life (some of the things Wittgenstein did actually overlap remarkably well with Schmemann’s suggestions).
  • On YouTube, Vox has a video about the Hubble Deep Field image. I had seen the photo before, but I didn’t realize that it shows galaxies in different stages of development. Very cool. But some of the YouTube comments illustrate the tendency I’ve noticed among some atheists to deify the cosmos, e.g., “If you think about it, all we are is atoms. And these faraway galaxies are basically atoms too. And so is everything in between, and beyond. We may all feel separated, but we are all connected. We are one. We are all the universe.”

One thought on “Links

  1. gregorystackpole March 29, 2017 / 9:50 pm

    Michael Allen Gillespie wrote about this in his _The Theological Origins of Modernity_ — after the breakup of the medieval cosmos, whose terms were God, Man, World, God was absorbed either by Humanity or by The World. It’s been years since I read that –nearly ten– but that was part of its thesis, if I recall.


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