• Matthew Ramage’s new book Jesus, Interpreted is out. It seems to be the second in his series on reconciling modern biblical studies with the ancient faith through philosophical analysis. Based on his first book, Dark Passages of Scripture (primarily on violence in the OT), and what I’ve seen of Jesus, Interpreted on Google Books, it looks to be a great work.
  • A short but sweet abstract (in English) from a Hungarian article about hospitals in Byzantium: “Byzantine hospital rules guaranteed patients private beds, required physicians to wash their hands after each examination and arranged the physical plant to keep all the sick warm. The Byzantine hospitals had separate sections (in modern terms: surgery-trauma surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, etc.) and at the beginning of the sixth century a separate institution for women … By the twelfth century Byzantine hospitals also set aside a room or perhaps a separate building to treat outpatients.”
  • The feast of the patron saint of Serbia, Sava, was celebrated in Belgrade on January 27, with both Croatian Catholic and Serbian Orthodox hierarchs in attendance.
  • At the Josias, Pater Edmund Waldstein has written an article about the natural rights of immigrants. I’m happy that his argument gave some prominence to a passage from St. Ambrose. Sometimes Catholic political writings give the impression that Aquinas and the Popes are the only authorities, which is not a fair representation of the Western tradition.

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