Life Upstaged

A few weeks ago, I came across this on Twitter:

I almost didn’t click the link, but I am glad I did. I read through all the posts on her blog, about first being diagnosed with colon cancer, and undergoing different treatments, and then realizing that her condition was terminal. It seems as if she never wavers from her child-like hope and faith in God. It’s so easy to be negative, but her gratitude and graceful attitude is uplifting, as well as the touching comments left by those who knew her.

There is always hope. I get excited when I think about heaven. Although, I don’t know how to picture it I know that it is better than anything we can imagine–and I can imagine some pretty great things. It will be wonderful to see loved ones who have already gone before and be continually present in the Light, where there is no pain or fear. I almost feel guilty the way one does when packing for a trip that others aren’t going on.



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