Let us make a sort of new beginning…

When I first began putting effort into this blog, I wanted it to contain informative posts about topics that I (and, in my view, a lot of other people) find interesting: e.g., philosophy of nature, philosophy of science, religion. I loved reading certain blogs that I knew always had well-researched posts. Of these, the first I came across (and still my favorite) is Siris. I admire Brandon’s detailed and comprehensive knowledge and his ability to read texts precisely (e.g., his careful examination of what a certain word means for an author). I was hoping to write posts like these. While I have written some (e.g., I am still very proud of this post, written on a topic I had researched for quite a while, viz. derivation of the equilibrium expression), I think that other posts I’ve put up do not reach the standard I set for myself when I began. I feel like I do not have enough mastery over the subjects I tend to post about, and so sometimes my posts seem more like a junior high research report than something written by someone with a bit of expertise. I blame this on me spending more time wandering aimlessly around the internet than reading books about these topics. I would like to make a bit of a new beginning and try to refocus my efforts on studying these areas more and only when I feel I have read quite a bit about a subject will I make posts about it. In practical terms, what this “new beginning” means is that, while I will keep posting links and quotes I find noteworthy, I will try to read more about certain topics that I’ve been neglecting (e.g., philosophy of science, medieval theology) and, when I believe I have read a fair amount, try to write creative posts that synthesize what I’ve learned. Hopefully I will produce more articles like the causality and chemistry one linked above.


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