Today I discovered at has a sister site called, which contains a great number of pretty recent books. You’ll simply need to make an account to borrow them (for free) for two weeks. Sadly, however, only one user can borrow at a time. However there are a great selection of relatively new books. Here are some special ones:

The Bible

  1. Life Journey and the Old Testament, by Conrad E. L’Heureux
  2. Introducing the Bible, by Neil S. Fujita
  3. Biblical Reflections on Crisis Facing the Church, by Raymond E. Brown, S.S.
  4. The Church the Apostles Left Behind, by Raymond E. Brown, S.S.
  5. Introducing the New Testament: Its Literature and Theology, by Paul J. Achtemeier, Joel B. Green, Marianne Meye Thompson
  6. The Gospel According to Luke, by Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.
  7. The Gospel According to St. Mark, Vol. I, by Rudolf Schnackenburg
  8. Matthew, by John P. Meier
  9. The Man from Nazareth: As His Contemporaries Saw Him, by Harry Emerson Fosdick. EDIT: this is available, without need to borrow it, here.
  10. Philemon’s Problem: The Daily Dilemma of the Christian, by James Tunstead Burtchaell, C.S.C.
  11. Record of the Promise: The Old Testament, by Wilfrid J. Harrington, O.P.
  12. The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us, by Douglas A. Knight and Amy-Jill Levine.


  1. Jesus, Lord and Christ, by John F. O’Grady
  2. Interpreting Jesus, by Gerald O’Collins
  3. Christ Among Us: A Modern Presentation of the Catholic Faith, by Anthony J. Wilhelm
  4. A Survey of Catholic Theology 1800-1970, by Mark Schoof, O.P.
  5. Approaches to God, by Jacques Maritain
  6. Pope John Paul II: Reflections on the Man, by Walter J. Zimeba
  7. Woman, Why Do You Weep? Spirituality for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by Sandra M. Flaherty
  8. Choosing Life, by John English, S.J.
  9. The Church and the Homosexual, by John J. McNeill, S.J.
  10. Science, Psychiatry and Religion, by Fulton J. Sheen


  1. The Dutch Catechism
  2. Abba! Father! A Personal Catechism, by Gerald O’Mahony


  1. Philosophical Writings: A Selection, by John Duns Scotus
  2. Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell
  3. Lessons in Scholastic Philosophy, by Michael W. Shallo, S.J.
  4. Berkeley: Essay, Principles, Dialogues, with Selections from Other Writings, ed. Mary Whiton Calkins
  5. A History of Philosophy, Volume I, Part II, by Frederick Copleston, S.J. They also have the volume on Modern Philosophy (Bentham-Russell). Note: also has volume III, as well as Copleston’s Medieval Philosophy, which do not require borrowing. PDFs of all the volumes are available at, starting with the first volume (in the URL, just replace the number with a number from 1-9 to get that volume’s PDF).
  6. Aquinas: A Collection of Critical Essays, by Anthony Kenny


  1. Jane Austen: A Collection of Critical Essays, ed. Ian Watt
  2. Eleven Plays of Henrik Ibsen
  3. Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood


Go and look around at OpenLibrary, it’s easy to browse and they have an impressive collection of books.


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